Sunday, June 16, 2002

Fighting the Gay Right (1)
Richard Goldstein -- 7/1/2002 --

he precipitous rise and fall of Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch politician who was assassinated in May, sent a shock wave through the European left in several respects. Not only did it signal the emergence of yet another popular right-wing figure, in the world's m

Federal workers' gay pride events get mixed reviews / Bush won't issue proclamation
for annual celebration

6/14/2002 --

That would be the same Justice Department led by Attorney General John Ashcroft, a social conservative. Ashcroft has publicly equated homosexuality with sin and, as a senator, opposed a nominee as ambassador to Luxembourg because of the candidate's sexual

SJC ruling upholds marriage ballot measure
6/14/2002 --

Opponents of the ballot measure, which would amend the state constitution, argued that the initiative was invalid because it infringes on the power of the state courts to render decisions. The seven judges of the Supreme Judicial Court disagreed.

Editorial: Gay foster kids
6/14/2002 --

It happens sometimes: Gay and lesbian teenagers are placed with foster parents who are intolerant, insensitive or just plain ignorant. And when it happens, the situation can be disastrous for the kids involved.

High court upholds putting marriage question on ballot
6/13/2002 3:13:00 PM --

BOSTON (AP) The state's highest court Thursday upheld the legality of a ballot initiative that would make same-sex marriages unconstitutional in Massachusetts.

Shedding light on a 1950s antigay 'Panic'
6/13/2002 --

he 1950s were a seemingly innocent time in America. Men were home from war, reconnecting with their families or creating new ones. Everyone was listening to Elvis Presley's new hit, ''That's All Right.'' Studebaker Commanders and Chevy Belairs were parked

Gays tell bishops: Don't blame us Sex scandal heightens fears of persecution
6/12/2002 --

DALLAS -- Parked just outside the youth center of the Cathedral of Hope, the nation's largest gay church, is a white RV emblazoned with the legend ''Jesus is Lord of all.''

With Gay Pride Observances, a Balancing Act
Ellen Nakashima -- 6/12/2002 --

That would be the same Justice Department led by Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, a social conservative. Ashcroft has publicly equated homosexuality with sin and, as a senator, opposed a nominee as ambassador to Luxembourg because of the candidate's se

Gay priests aren't the problem
6/11/2002 --

My 66-year-old uncle was on the phone with my grandmother recently, telling her that he had tried to forbid his 8-year-old grandson from making his first communion.

Area Scout leadership seeks clarity on position
6/10/2002 --

n a clear signal of its exception to the Boy Scouts of America ban on gay troop leaders, the Boston Minuteman Council has tapped radio host David Brudnoy, who is openly gay, to be master of ceremonies tonight at its fund-raising dinner.

Many Faces But One Quest: Equal Rights
Carol D. Leonnig -- 6/10/2002 --

On an avenue that during the week is a symbol of Washington's buttoned-down demeanor, thousands of people strolled, munched, danced, demanded equal rights and celebrated in the name of gay pride yesterday.

Pride Parade Marks Milestone
6/10/2002 --

When John Selig was a student at Huntington High School in the late 1960s, he remembers painfully, he was beaten up in the locker room, on the school bus, just about anywhere where bullies could corner him.

Left Out of Church
6/10/2002 --

Maniscalco and the others are members of the gay Catholic group Dignity/NY, and they meet at St. John's Episcopal Church because 15 years ago Catholic officials expelled them from St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, where they had worshiped.

Catholic and Gay
6/9/2002 --

There they were, the Roman Catholic bishop and an openly gay priest, having a candid chat about homosexual priests in the diocese of Brooklyn and Queens.

Bill seeks sensitivity in gay kids' foster care
6/9/2002 --

"I got baptized four or five times because they thought it would change me," said Lopez, 20, who spent all her teen years in Sacramento-area foster homes. "It didn't work."

Gays Parade Their Pride on Streets of Jerusalem
6/8/2002 --

ERUSALEM, June 7 - Jerusalem has had its share of religious processions, military marches and national parades throughout its nearly 4,000 years of history.

Jerusalem's first gay pride march defies critics
6/8/2002 --

Pride triumphed over prejudice in west Jerusalem yesterday when the divided city, renowned for religious conservatism, saw the first gay parade in its long and tortured history.

In a Jerusalem First, Gays Take to Streets
6/8/2002 --

JERUSALEM -- JERUSALEM -- Undeterred by the outrage of ultra-Orthodox Jews or fear of terrorist attack, hundreds of gay activists and their supporters marched through the heart of downtown Jerusalem under heavy police guard Friday in the city's first gay

Gay Group Complains of Bias at Commerce Department
Stephen Barr -- 6/7/2002 --

A group representing gay employees at the Commerce Department has filed a complaint alleging that the agency is not following internal regulations that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

2,500 turn out for first gay pride parade in the holy city of Jerusalem
6/7/2002 --

Under heavy police guard, about 2,500 people marched Friday in the first gay pride parade in this holy city, despite fierce opposition from Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders.

Gay couple test the legal limits with Dutch marriage
6/7/2002 --

The gay couple chose to marry in the Netherlands because it is currently the only European Union country that grants heterosexual and homosexual unions equal legal standing. Garullo and Ottocento were the first foreigners to be married in the country and

Sweden passes Bill allowing homosexual couples to adopt
6/7/2002 --

Under the law adopted after six hours of debate on Wednesday night, cohabiting gay couples registered in a legal partnership can apply for the right to adopt children from within the country and abroad. This is a first in Europe: gay couples in Denmark, I

Sweden legalises gay adoption
6/6/2002 1:18:58 PM --

Under the new law, gay couples registered in a legal partnership - permitted in Sweden since 1995 - will be able to adopt children both within the country and from abroad.

Sweden Oks Same-sex Adoption Plan
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-- 6/6/2002 1:00:00 AM --


Sweden OKs proposal allowing gay adoptions
6/5/2002 --

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (June 5, 2002 8:41 p.m. EDT) - Swedish legislators voted Wednesday to let same-sex couples adopt children - a decision that gay activists hailed as a step toward gaining the full benefits of marriage.

Troubled Waters at Gay Oasis
6/4/2002 --

This spring brought allegations that the mayor had turned on Palm Springs' well-heeled, fun-loving gay community. In his handpicked City Council candidate, some gay activists saw the makings of a political coup that would let religious fundamentalists tur

Diversity on Display
6/3/2002 --

"The energy and diversity of people from all over the world is quite extraordinary," said David Gold, 43, a Manhattan executive watching from the sidewalk. "You don't quite see this diversity anywhere, you see people from everywhere."

Egypt's leader dumps 'debauchery' verdicts against gays / Wary activists praise
Queen Boat decision

5/31/2002 --

Cairo -- In a surprise decision, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has tossed
out verdicts against all but two of 52 defendants in a controversial case that
international gay activists had assailed as part of a systematic campaign of
discrimination against homosexuals.

More Pride in Their Step
5/31/2002 --

After former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman and other elected officials shied away from the first parade in 1993, activists sent them thousands of postcards that read: "Having a great time. Wish you were here."

U.S. Fund for Tower Victims Will Aid Some Gay Partners
5/30/2002 --

ome of the gay men and lesbians who were partners of Sept. 11 victims are poised to collect substantial awards from the federal fund set up to compensate bereaved families, according to Kenneth R. Feinberg, special master of the fund, and lawyers familiar

05/30/2002 | Gay Bingo hosts handing in their cards
5/30/2002 --

For six years, the usually sold-out AIDS fund-raiser has drawn more than 800
people monthly to the Gershman Y on South Broad Street, raising a total of
$1.1 million.

Gay Goes Online / Sex drives the gay male's Web experience
5/30/2002 --

Since the dawn of the public's use of the Web, the gay community has had a unique, well-matched relationship to the technologies and services offered therein. Tapping into the electronic venue's easy anonymity, its global reach and affordability, lesbian,

Holiday gesture renews gay duel
5/30/2002 --

Councilman Craig Covey, known for gay-rights activism, turned his back Monday
while a benediction was said before hundreds of residents by a minister known
for opposing gay rights.

Giants: Acceptance wouldn't greet gay player
5/28/2002 --

SAN FRANCISCO -- Contrary to Mike Piazza's contention that a homosexual player would be accepted in the clubhouse, a poll of some Giants players suggests otherwise, despite the city's tolerance of gay lifestyles.

University Of Toronto Study Analyzes Chances Of Homosexuality
5/28/2002 --

University Of Toronto Study Analyzes Chances Of Homosexuality Roughly one in seven gay men may owe his sexual orientation to the fact he has older brothers, say University of Toronto researchers.

About a Boy Who Isn't
5/26/2002 --

It is a bright and sunny morning in California, and this middle-school recess is humming along lazily. Packs of 12-year-olds in dark pants and white-collar shirts (the school uniform) meander about, looking for something to do. Next to the palm tree, thre

Church seeking scapegoat, gays say -- The Washington Times
5/25/2002 --

     "Now, church leaders are engaged in a cynical and orchestrated campaign to scapegoat gay people for this moral and public relations disaster. Catholic Church leaders must take responsibility for their own actions, end the coverups, and stop demonizin

Pass ENDA Now!
Doug Ireland -- 5/24/2002 --

wenty-seven years ago, Bella Abzug introduced the first comprehensive gay civil rights bill in the history of the Congress. Now the Senate at long last stands poised to pass what remains of that bill--the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which wo

Orbitz, form marketing partnership
5/23/2002 --

Orbitz, the online travel service created by major U.S. airlines, and Gay.
com, a leading gay and lesbian Web portal, are teaming up to target a much-
desired demographic.

There’s No Coming-Out Party — Yet
5/23/2002 --

The guessing game that forced Mets slugger Mike Piazza to assert his heterosexuality will go on until a big league ballplayer comes out of the closet, members of the gay media and activists said yesterday.

No Coming-Out Party at Ballgame
5/23/2002 --

The guessing game that forced Mets slugger Mike Piazza to assert his heterosexuality
will go on until a big league ballplayer comes out of the closet, members of
the gay media and activists said yesterday.

Stanley Kurtz on Andrew Sullivan on Gay Priests & Gay Marriage on National
Review Online

5/22/2002 --

Sullivan mischaracterizes my fundamental premise. I do not believe that all
homosexuals are alike, nor do I believe that all, or even most, homosexuals
are child abusers. I do believe that, whatever gestures of public approval
are offered, a signifi

Gay Film Festival outgrows theaters / Bigger venues set for 18-day run
5/22/2002 --

For 26 years, the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
has been a can't-miss event for movie lovers of all stripes. This year's event
will be especially hard to miss, since it runs a marathon 18 days -- from June
13-30 -- a week
______________________________________________________ - tv & media
5/22/2002 --

Showtime cable channels tonight will launch the first nationally distributed,
weekly block of gay-targeted programming with Night Out on Sho Too, four hours
of films, short features and its highly successful Queer as Folk drama every
Wednesday starting at 9.

Commons Rejects Bid To Bar Gay Adoptions
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-- 5/21/2002 2:07:00 AM --


Gay Teens, Seniors Face Extra Challenges
5/21/2002 --

If Haas were a young lesbian today, she would find a world that's far more
open and tolerant of homosexuality. But she might still encounter hostility
- from classmates who are encountering gay people for the first time, from
parents unable to adjus

College recruiters look to gays
5/21/2002 --

o the 60 ''frequently asked questions'' answered in its glossy student viewbook,
Harvard College added a new one last year, as dryly worded as the others but
far more strategic: ''What is the climate at Harvard for gay, lesbian, bisexual,
and transg

Researchers check risks of gay internet chatrooms
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-- 5/20/2002 --

May 20, 2002
The Guardian
Researchers are investigating the possibility that gay internet chatrooms might
have helped increase high-risk sexual activity among gay and bisexual men.


Prom king Marc Hall's many, many friends
5/18/2002 --

When Marc Hall climbed out of his black stretch limousine on prom night, a
cameraman aboard a helicopter circling above took aerial shots of the lanky
17-year-old in his white tuxedo for the evening news. Next to him stood his
boyfriend, Jean-Paul D

Detroit to settle Rouge Park gay entrapment suit
5/16/2002 --

The Detroit City Council approved a $170,000 settlement Wednesday in a lawsuit
brought by the Triangle Foundation and seven men who alleged police used vague
city ordinances to unfairly entrap gay men at Rouge Park.

Gay marriage ban floated / Ire over proposed amendment to Constitution
5/16/2002 --

Washington -- Six House members introduced a proposed constitutional amendment
Wednesday that would ban same-sex marriages, drawing a swift rebuke from supporters
of gay and lesbian rights who said it sends a message of "intolerance."

Queering the pitch
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-- 5/15/2002 --

May 15, 2002
The Guardian
Everything about Pim Fortuyn's rise and fall seems peculiarly Dutch. Only in
the Netherlands could a gay man with ultra-right politics and two small dogs
shake up the establishment and get gunned down by an anti-fur activis

Features: Richard Goldstein: The Politics of Pim
5/15/2002 --

Begin with the killing, a real auto da fur, to play on the old old Inquisitional
phrase. (The burning of heretics was called an act of faith, or auto-da-fé.)
For a politician who doted on two small dogs to be murdered by an animal rights
activist se

Bay Area priests fear crackdown on gay seminarians
5/14/2002 --

Leaders at Roman Catholic seminaries in the Bay Area fear that the sex scandal
roiling the church will inspire a crackdown on gay candidates to the priesthood
-- even those who make a vow of lifelong celibacy.

Duckie - a 'post-gay' phenomenon
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-- 5/14/2002 --

May 14, 2002
The Guardian

Performance of 1 1/2. Photo: Simon Corder at
 Once upon a time, in a dog-rough gay pub nestling against some railway arches
in south London, middle-aged gentlemen used to dress up as ladies and lip-

Reality-TV Idea: Gay Men Groom Straights
5/13/2002 --

here seems to be no end to the number of twists on the reality-television genre.
The latest in television voyeurism: "The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

The Newest Wrinkle in a Not So New Rivalry
5/12/2002 --

Out of touch, dull and not gay enough, said the editors of LGNY, its sole
competitor. What's more, they pointed out, The Blade was run by a straight-owned
news media company.

A City Combats AIDS Complacency
Rene Sanchez -- 5/12/2002 --

SAN FRANCISCO -- On the streets of the Castro district, news of funerals for
gay men who had AIDS is scarce. Cafes are no longer filled with gaunt, sickly
customers. And some days, when the city sends a van out to offer free tests
for sexually transmitted diseases, it finds few takers. The worst of the plague
has passed.

Gays refute role as Catholics' 'scapegoat' -- The Washington Times
5/11/2002 --

     The groups — the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task
Force, and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation — said the church
hierarchy's attempts to "scapegoat" homosexual priests is wrong and takes the
focus off finding solutions to the problem.

Canadian court rules for gay teenager
5/10/2002 10:36:04 PM --

But the Roman Catholic Education Board in Oshawa, Ontario, east of Toronto,
had argued that while it was not its policy to discriminate against gays and
lesbians, it could not endorse what it calls a homosexual lifestyle.

Gay men urged to get annual tests for STDs / Rising rates alarm federal disease

5/10/2002 --

Citing recent sharp increases in syphilis cases and HIV transmission among
some gay and bisexual men, the nation's top disease fighters recommended annual
testing for the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Should gay couples be allowed to adopt?
5/9/2002 12:11:06 PM --

Milburn said that no-one has the right to adopt but he believes vulnerable
children should have the chance of stable family life by "widening the pool
of potential adoptive parents".

Judge dismisses same-sex marriage suit
5/9/2002 --

uling that bearing children has long been considered central to marriage, a Suffolk Superior Court judge yesterday threw out a lawsuit filed by seven gay couples who had challenged the state's ban on single-sex marriage.

Festival kick-starts gay empire
5/8/2002 1:32:37 PM --

Twysden Moore, a DJ who owns clubs and bars in London, is launching Purple
in the Park after deciding that the gay and lesbian community was badly served
by major events.

Gay couples could adopt children
5/8/2002 5:04:26 AM --

"It's important when we are considering these amendments - which incidentally
I personally support - that we understand that what these amendments are simply
about is to widen the pool of potential adoptive parents so that more children
that are vulnerable ... have the chance of the stable family life that adoption
can bring," he said.

Features: Burning Issues: by Patrick Giles
5/8/2002 --

"But what are we going to do?" pleaded a woman inside St. Patrick's Cathedral
recently. It was Holy Week; she was visiting town and discussing what American
Catholics are calling The Crisis. "We shouldn't be discussing this in here,"
another woman answered, which only annoyed her friend: "If not here, where,
for Christ's sake?" The first woman then raised her voice, repeated her question,
and turned to me, as if waiting for an answer.

2 Gay City Newspapers Adopt New Strategies
5/8/2002 --

Amid more coverage of gay issues in the mainstream press and slumping advertising,
two metro New York gay newspapers are trying new strategies to strengthen their
holds in the niche publishing market.

05/08/2002 | Gender-identity bill wins preliminary approval
5/8/2002 --

The measure, authored by Councilman Frank DiCicco, would outlaw bias against
transsexuals and people who appear to be a different sex than the one they
were born as.

05/03/2002 | Cardinal's words surprise scholars
5/3/2002 --

Cardinal Anthony M. Bevilacqua's sweeping rejection of gay men becoming priests
diverges from mainstream thinking by U.S. Catholic theologians and policymakers,
a range of church scholars said in interviews this week.

'Forget about the whole gay thing'
5/2/2002 --

I mean, until Rosie came out of the closet last month, DeGeneres was the most
famous lesbian on the planet -- at least the planet populated by middle-class,
sitcom-watching suburbanites. Think about it. There's Melissa, Martina, Marlene,
k.d., Elvira, Lily Tomlin, two Indigo Girls, one of the dogs that played Lassie,
and Ellen.

At a Largely Gay Church, a Test of Faith
4/29/2002 --

AN FRANCISCO, April 28 — It was a typical Sunday morning at Most Holy Redeemer
Catholic Church, and it wasn't. Parishioners filled the pews for the popular
10 o'clock Mass, as they do every week, while organ music played and sunlight
danced across the stained-glass windows. But while this largely gay parish
in the heart of the city's largely gay Castro district is usually joyful, it
was tense.

ANALYSIS: Church strains on new issue: Gay clergymen
4/26/2002 --

VATICAN CITY -- Like many of his brethren, Detroit Cardinal Adam Maida has
struggled to come to terms with the issues surrounding the sex abuse scandal
that has splintered the Catholic church.

Senate committee passes gay job bill / Act would prohibit discrimination in
hiring and firing

4/25/2002 --

Washington -- A Senate committee approved legislation yesterday to prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation, advancing a bill the Senate could pass this year, although the House is unlikely to take it up.

When Predators Are Priests
4/25/2002 --

At the end of their two days of meetings at the Vatican, American cardinals
issued proposals clarifying the Catholic Church's new policies on dealing with
priests who sexually abuse minors. The recommendations, along with Pope John
Paul II's condemnation of pedophilia, represent strides towards righting past
mistakes in dealing with priests who molest children. However, some cardinals
expressed disappointment that in order for a priest to be dismissed, he must
be deemed to be "notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory, sexual abuse
of minors," rather than a single act of abuse being grounds for defrocking.


04/25/2002 | Partners ... With Children
4/25/2002 --

Wendy Witzel, 39, changed clothes five times that morning and kept redoing
her makeup. She remembered to take the gift she had made, a wall-hanging with
dried flowers.

04/23/2002 | Phila. policy is to screen for gays
4/23/2002 --

The archdiocese rejects candidates for the priesthood who acknowledge they
are gay, even if they say they intend to remain celibate, archdiocesan officials

Painting sparks bard sexuality debate
4/22/2002 12:34:53 PM --

The painting of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton, was originally thought to be of a woman - Lady Norton, daughter of the Bishop of Winton.

Flashback: Rod Dreher on Catholic Church & Homosexuality on National Review

4/22/2002 --

Stephen Rubino, a New Jersey lawyer, says that of the over 300 alleged victims
of priest sex abuse he has represented, roughly 85 percent are boys, and were
teenagers when the abuse occurred. Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, an eminent Catholic
psychiatrist who has treated scores of victims and priest-perpetrators, says
90 percent of his patients were either teen male victims of priests, or priests
who abused teen boys.

Gay 'wedding' couple call for change
4/20/2002 5:09:30 PM --

Mr Howard and Mr Brayshaw are hoping that by having their relationship publicly
acknowledged they will help force the government into changing laws to accept
gay couples.

Coconuts and homophobia
4/19/2002 --

Of all the gay contestants on reality TV programs post–Richard Hatch, John
Carroll looked like the most likely to succeed. On Survivor: Marquesas, the
fourth version of the popular show in which contestants are marooned in remote
locations, the handsome nurse quickly consolidated his power on the stronger
of the two original teams and managed to engineer the elimination of both Gabriel
Cade—a gorgeous male teammate whom John had begun to distrust—and John’s archrival,
Rob Mariano, who liked to refer to John as a “queer.” 

Hate crimes against gays decline in state, nation
4/18/2002 --

Hate-motivated incidents against gays and lesbians dropped more than 10 percent
last year around the nation, according to a report that gay-and-lesbian legal
advocates plan to release today.

CityState: Pataki's CUNY Shocker by Andy Humm
4/17/2002 --

As a CUNY trustee, Bonnici "could seek to limit access to birth control and
sexual health services," warns Andrew Stern, political director of the National
Abortion Rights Action League. In addition, Bonnici's presence on the university's
board could wreak havoc with curriculum decisions, since trustees must approve
every course title. CUNY is home to the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies,
one of America's premiere institutes of its kind.

Gay Bias Charged In Deaths
Brooke A. Masters -- 4/11/2002 --

A federal grand jury has charged a Maryland man with capital murder in the
1996 slayings of two women at a secluded campsite in Shenandoah National Park
and said he singled out his victims because of their gender and sexual orientation,
the Justice Department announced yesterday.

Gay police commander may act against Met
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-- 4/10/2002 --

April 10, 2002
The Guardian
The maverick police commander under investigation for allegedly smoking cannabis
has hinted that he is considering an unprecedented civil action against the
Metropolitan police for failing to protect him against homophobia in the force.


Duncan Campbell @ Coachella Valley
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-- 4/8/2002 --

April 8, 2002
The Guardian
The idea that 25,000 men have travelled from across the United States to join
the White Party in the Californian desert might seem like a cause for alarm.
But, in fact, the party - that's "party" as in festive event rather

Allentown extends antidiscrimination protection for gays
4/6/2002 --

Allentown extends antidiscrimination protection for gays The city of Allentown,
Pa., on Wednesday voted to amend the city's human relations ordinance, adding
sexual orientation and gender identity to the law's list of protected characteristics.

Gay fans of Once and Again mobilize online
4/6/2002 --


NGLTF releases study on black GLBT people
4/6/2002 --

NGLTF releases study on black GLBT people The National Gay and Lesbian Task
Force this week released a comprehensive national survey examining the priorities
and demographics of African-American gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered

Miami's Wild Seduction Gallery's premiere show includes Ron Athey, Tom of

4/6/2002 --


Dan Walters: As abortion plagues Simon, Davis slides around another touchy

4/5/2002 --

Bill Simon, the Republican candidate for governor this year, is rediscovering
that it's politically perilous to oppose abortion rights in a state whose voters
overwhelmingly lean the other way.

Gay claims force out Mugabe's TV chief
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-- 4/4/2002 --

April 4, 2002
The Guardian
The head of Zimbabwe's state radio and television - which has been at the forefront
of Robert Mugabe's vitriolic campaign against political opponents, whites and
gays - has been forced to resign after allegations that he was caught having
sex with a man in a Harare nightclub.

Liberal Arts:
4/4/2002 --

When Rosie O'Donnell showed up on The O'Reilly Factor last week, the stage
was set for a bludgeoning. You don't just toss Bill O'Reilly a Hollywood liberal
-- a lesbian no less -- and expect her to emerge unscathed.

HIV prevention messages failing to convince gays / Condom-free anal sex keeps
virus on increase

4/4/2002 --

A small but worrisome proportion of gay men in the Bay Area are engaging in unprotected anal intercourse, knowingly putting themselves at risk for AIDS,

Gays Poised to Make Gains on Beacon Hill
4/3/2002 2:16:00 PM --

Gay Bay Staters Poised To Make Gains On Beacon Hill Despite Guerriero Setback,
Victory Fund Says To: State Desk, Political Reporter Contact: Jason Young of
the the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, 202-842-7308 or 202-270-6948 (cell)

Aaron Betsky to Discuss Gay Aesthetic at Planning Conference
4/3/2002 12:37:00 PM --

Aaron Betsky Addresses APA's National Planning Conference: 'Is There a Gay
Aesthetic?' To: Assignment Desk, Daybook Editor Contact: Kim McKeggie of The
American Planning Association, 202-872-0611,

More Americans Support Gay Adoption
4/2/2002 --

There are large cleavages in the American public on this issue. Most younger
adults, women, and those with more education support adoption by homosexuals.
Older adults, men, and the less-educated don't.

Michael: My arrest was deliberate
3/18/2002 5:06:32 PM --

Michael - who releases his new single Freeek! on Monday - told Whiley that in the run-up to his arrest he had been grieving over the deaths of his mother and former partner, Anselmo Feleppa.

Gay Adoption in America
3/14/2002 --

Today, that law and Florida's posture toward gays are back in the spotlight,
as another famous woman, Rosie O'Donnell, is helping to champion gay rights.
Steve Lofton and Roger Croteau, whose case got O'Donnell's attention, are challenging

Number of gays discharged up again / 1,250 kicked out of military last year
3/14/2002 --

The number of gays and lesbians kicked out of the military because of their sexual orientation rose only slightly last year, but it was still the highest number recorded since 1987, a study shows.

Military discharges of gays rising, group says
3/14/2002 --

WASHINGTON -- Discharges from the military for homosexuality and harassment complaints from gay troops set records last year, the result of ''callous indifference'' by the Bush administration to the Pentagon's policy on gays, a report being released today

Group: 1,250 Gays Left Forces in '01
Vernon Loeb -- 3/14/2002 --

A total of 1,250 service members left the U.S. military last year after declaring
themselves gay in what amounted to the largest exodus of gay service members
since 1987, according to an advocacy group for gays in the military.

Rosie O'Donnell: Being a Gay Mom
3/13/2002 --

O'Donnell has three adopted children - Parker, 6, Chelsea, 4, and Blake, 2. - and says she is in "a committed, long-term life relationship" with her partner of about four years, Kelli Carpenter. She talked about her experiences as a gay parent publicly f

For Rosie, coming out is merely about what's right O'Donnell adopts a cause:
the right of gay people to adopt children

3/12/2002 --

In 1988, Rosie O'Donnell would sit around Melissa Etheridge's house in Los Angeles and drink margaritas with her friends k.d. lang and Ellen DeGeneres. They were young, just starting on the road to fame. A favorite topic of conversation was the empowerme

Pop Idol Will: 'I'm gay'
3/10/2002 10:30:55 AM --

The 23-year-old TV contest winner, whose first record became the fastest-selling debut single in UK history, said he was very comfortable with his sexuality.

Egypt cracks down on gays, trumping Islamists
Sarah Gauch Special to The Christian Science Monitor--> -- 3/1/2002 --

Hossam Bahgat of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center, an Egyptian human rights organization, and other experts estimate that since January 2001, the police have made about one arrest per month based on a person's sexual orientation. Often police torture these d

France can bar adoption by gays
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-- 2/27/2002 --

February 27, 2002
The Guardian
France can refuse homosexuals the right to adopt children, the European court
of human rights ruled yesterday in a long-awaited decision that was instantly
condemned as outmoded and unjust by gay rights groups.

Grossman: Two New, But Opposing, Developments For Gay And Lesbian Parents

2/12/2002 --

Gays and lesbians who have, or who want to have, children often face a morass of legal obstacles and entanglements. If they want to adopt children, they are sometimes prevented from doing so, by law, policy, or practice. If they already have children, the

Help for making your life work
2/6/2002 --

Dear Readers: There were a lot of interesting letters on the cyberlines! I
am very happy to respond to all the letters I receive, but please know that
when I respond to the nonmedical letters it is with my heart and my best intentions
and not any particular training I have had over the years. My perspectives
as a parent and a partner, a physician, and a gay woman are what I draw on
to answer these letters. It is wonderful to hear from women all over the country
dealing with various aspects of their lives, not just their medical questions.
I am also happy to hear comments on my responses, as some of you may have more
specific advice or information to offer. Keep writing. It’s great to hear from

Big adoption issue goes to high court / Same-sex families to be affected
1/30/2002 --

In a case that could affect thousands of same-sex parents and their children, the state Supreme Court agreed yesterday to decide the validity of a widely used adoption procedure that a lower court declared illegal last fall.

Tories relax stance on gay rights
1/25/2002 4:10:23 PM --

The shift, part of the ongoing Tory drive to rehabilitate itself with the electorate, was praised by former party vice-chairman Steven Norris as a welcome step forward after the tone set during the Hague years.

Tories soften line on gay partnerships
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-- 1/25/2002 --

January 25, 2002
The Guardian
The Tory leadership is to soften its opposition to the legal recognition of
gay and unmarried heterosexual partnerships in what will be one of the most
internally controversial policy changes since Iain Duncan Smith became leader.


Lesbian couples 'could have own baby'
1/18/2002 11:16:22 PM --

Scientists at the Reproductive Genetics Institute in Chicago have devised a way to create "artificial sperm" from any cell in a woman's body which can be used to fertilise another woman's egg.

Gay union bill brutish issue for candidates
1/18/2002 --

    Conservatives say it forsakes marriage and gay rights advocates say it
is long overdue, but despite the credo clash they seem to agree on one thing:
civil union is gearing up to be a divisive issue in California's gubernatorial

'Gay marriage' bill launched
1/11/2002 8:40:58 AM --

The proposal from a Liberal Democrat peer - which would also apply to unmarried
heterosexual couples - could see two gay people getting legal recognition for
their relationship.

A Change in Health Benefits
Bill Brubaker -- 12/9/2001 --

Bill Morgan says he watched uneasily as his domestic partner struggled to meet his health care needs in recent years. Morgan works for a Reston software company that offers health insurance benefits. His partner works for a Tysons Corner retailer that doe

Senate Approves D.C. Funding Of Domestic-Partners Law
Spencer S. Hsu -- 11/7/2001 --

The Senate voted yesterday to allow the District for the first time to implement
a domestic-partners law, ending a nine-year congressional logjam and handing
a victory to city home rule advocates.

Gay couples could get register
11/2/2001 3:17:06 PM --

Baroness Sally Morgan, the minister in charge of the Cabinet Office's Equality Unit, said the government was looking at the register set up by London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Social rights hope for same-sex couples
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-- 11/2/2001 --

November 2, 2001
The Guardian
The government is examining the possibility of following Ken Livingstone's
lead and allowing the same registration of same-sex relationships which the
mayor of London has pioneered. But it will not sanction formal gay marriages.


MPs support right for unwed couples
10/24/2001 7:26:57 PM --

A law proposed under the 10-minute parliament rule by Ms Griffiths, could allow local authorities to formally register unmarried and same sex couples.

Domestic partners' benefits boosted / State adds health care and adoption rights
10/15/2001 --

Sacramento -- Joined by the former partner of San Franciscan Mark Bingham, a victim of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Gov. Gray Davis signed legislation yesterday bringing California's domestic partnership law closer to marriage on several fronts.

D.C. Gay Partners Benefit Advances
Spencer S. Hsu -- 10/11/2001 --

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted yesterday to end a federal ban on
the District's use of local tax dollars to extend health benefits to gay couples.

South African gays win adoption battle
9/28/2001 4:14:37 PM --

In an interview with BBC's Focus on Africa programme, Ms du Toit said the judgement has to be confirmed by South Africa's Constitutional Court, the highest in the country.

U.S. House Vote Backs Gay Benefits
Spencer S. Hsu -- 9/26/2001 --

The House of Representatives yesterday voted to permit the District to extend
health benefits to gay couples for the first time, using the city's $5.3 billion
fiscal 2002 budget to wage a fierce debate over recognition of homosexual relationships.

With Vermont in the Lead, Controversy Progresses
Pamela Ferdinand -- 9/3/2001 --

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. -- The formal union of Peter Harrigan and Stan Baker was no
small affair. Nearly 300 people attended a religious ceremony last year, with
two priests and an 18-person choir at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in Burlington,
followed by a sunset cruise and dinner dance on Lake Champlain.

In Germany, partners legal for life
8/2/2001 --

Berlin -- Gay couples came together in Germany yesterday for officially sanctioned wedding ceremonies that brought the country into line with many of its Western European neighbors.

Germany legalises gay marriage
8/1/2001 11:55:56 AM --

In Hamburg, where an informal gay partnership has been allowed for two years, a "mass wedding" of 15 couples will take place attended by prominent politicians including the leader of the Green Party, Claudia Roth.

Same-sex partner can sue for damages / Wrongful-death claim in dog-mauling

7/28/2001 --

San Francisco -- In a landmark legal ruling for same-sex couples, a San Francisco judge has decided that a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by a dog mauling victim's lesbian partner can go to trial.
______________________________________________________ More Same-Sex Households Seen in Vermont, Delaware
6/13/2001 11:48:00 AM --

Wednesday, Jun. 13, 2001 Same-sex couples seem to be settling down - or a least more willing to talk about their living arrangements. New Census 2000 information from Vermont and Delaware shows a huge increase in households containing "unmarried partners"

Davis pledges to sign domestic partners bill / Governor says he will expand
work, family leave benefits

6/8/2001 --

Gov. Gray Davis said yesterday he would sign into law a bill granting broad rights for domestic partners in the areas of employment and family leave.

Carey stands firm on gay marriage
4/8/2001 4:00:12 PM --

He went on: "People can have deep friendship, and call it friendship, but we don't have to muddy the waters in terms of calling it marriage. So let's be clear about the language we use."

Raising a Tulip to Marriage / Dutch same-sex weddings celebrated in the Castro
4/2/2001 --

Gathered in a patch of sun on Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro yesterday, several dozen couples foisted red tulips in the air, kissed then cheered for the Netherlands, which this weekend became the first nation in the world to legally wed same-sex couples.

Dutch gay couples exchange vows
4/1/2001 12:44:01 AM --

The ceremony took place at midnight on Saturday (2200 GMT), with Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen officiating at the weddings of the four same-sex couples - three male and one female.

In the Netherlands, Gay Partners Tie the Knot
Keith B. Richburg -- 4/1/2001 --

AMSTERDAM, April 1 (Sunday) -- Anne-Marie Thus was nervous, like any bride
before her wedding. Frank Wittebrood has to get used to saying "my man." And
Dolf Pasker wanted to proclaim his love to the world.

Gay, Lesbian Couples United By Mayor at S.F. City Hall / Mass commitment draws
44 couples

3/30/2001 --

MacKenzie, a public school teacher who inadvertently let his students -- and the nation -- know he is gay on national television, wed his boyfriend of six years yesterday, joining 43 other couples in San Francisco's fifth annual mass domestic partners com

Vt. House Votes to Outlaw Gay Marriage
Pamela Ferdinand -- 3/17/2001 --

BOSTON, March 16 -- Vermont's House of Representatives passed a bill today
outlawing same-sex marriages, a backlash against the first-in-the nation civil
unions for gay couples that legislators approved less than a year ago.

Presbyterian Vote OKs Same-Sex Blessings by Clergy
3/15/2001 --

The Rev. Laird Stuart, pastor of the largest Presbyterian church in San Francisco, was glad to hear that he is still allowed to perform church rituals blessing the relationships of gay and lesbian couples.

Domestic Partners Bill OKd by Panel / Mauled woman's companion speaks up for
rights legislation

3/14/2001 --

Sacramento -- With the partner of the San Francisco woman mauled to death by a dog as the star witness, an Assembly committee approved a bill yesterday to expand the rights of domestic partners.

Rep. Frank Goes for Round 2 in Fight for Allowing Gay Marriage
1/26/2001 --

While acknowledging he is facing insurmountable odds, Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., said yesterday he will introduce a bill seeking to undo a 1996 federal definition of marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.

Gay couples wed in Canadian first
1/15/2001 11:28:01 AM --

The couples, one pair of lesbians and one pair of gay men, posted banns in the Christian tradition, which under one reading of provincial law allows marriage without a licence.

Dutch gays allowed to marry
12/19/2000 11:43:02 PM --

The legislation had already been approved by the lower house, which in September
voted by a large majority to give gay marriages the same legal status as heterosexual

Riled Up in Old Vermont
Michael Powell -- 10/16/2000 --

BARRE, Vt. –– The blond woman and the white-haired gent in the brown fedora
stand on the stone steps of the auditorium, the counterrevolutionary embracing
the symbol of a near-forgotten Vermont.

Same-Sex Union Divides Small Vermont Community
Hanna Rosin -- 10/9/2000 --

CABOT, Vt. –– "I'm not telling that guy I'm marrying another woman," says Martha
Rockwell, watching from inside her house as the workman raises the tent that
will house the first gay civil union on Coits Pond Road in northeastern Vermont.

Vermont Starts Gay Unions
7/1/2000 --

'A Big Opportunity' But where some are fretting, gay and lesbian groups are rejoicing.      "It's the first time that any state has so completely recognized legally the relationship between lesbian and gay couples," says Paula Ettelbrick of the National G

Changing Minds
6/19/2000 --

Sometimes a turning point becomes clear only in retrospect. Now that civil
unions are the law of Vermont, and the first gay and lesbian couples will be
legally linked July 1, it’s easier to see just when the real turning point
occurred - when the idea of treating homosexual and heterosexual couples equally
under the law began to seem like the reasonable, even honorable, thing to do
in Vermont.

A Natural State?
6/19/2000 --

Editor’s note: On Dec. 20, 1999, the Vermont Supreme Court issued a rulingstating
that gay and lesbian couples had a constitutional right to all the legal benefits
and protections of marriage enjoyed by heterosexual couples. The court left
it up to the state Legislature to decide if same-sex couples should be allowed
to marry, or if a separate system should be created.

Presbyterian Church Approves `Holy Unions' for Gays, Lesbians / Homosexual
accepted as ministry candidate

5/25/2000 --

In a ruling that could spark a conservative backlash, the highest court of the Presbyterian Church ruled yesterday that its ministers may perform ``holy union'' ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples -- as long as they don't call it ``marriage.''

Christian Science Monitor
4/27/2000 --


In Gay Union Vote, Vermont Keeps Mind of Its Own / But not all residents like
state's latest way of showing independence

4/27/2000 --

Montpelier, Vt. -- Vermont may be one of the last places in America that still looks like a place. It is authentic New England, a Disneyland without Disney. Church steeples rise from town squares. Villages dot valleys, strung together by winding roads an

Adopted Kids Give Lesbian Leader Fresh Perspective on Gay Rights / She now
divides world between those who are parents, those who aren't

4/27/2000 --

Along with her colleagues, Birch, the 43-year-old executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest lesbian and gay organization, is staging what she hopes will be the biggest gay-rights extravaganza ever to come to the capital -- a ro

Salon Books | Was Lincoln gay?
4/30/1999 --

Firebrand Larry Kramer says he has the evidence to prove it. Lincoln scholars
are holding their fire until they see it. Get ready for the second Civil War.


Where's the Revolution?
Barbara Smith -- 7/5/1993 --

hen I came out in Boston in the mid-l970s, I had no way of knowing that the
lesbian and gay movement I was discovering was in many ways unique. As a new
lesbian I had nothing to compare it with, and there was also nothing to compare
it with in history. Stonewall had happened only six years before and the militance,
irreverence and joy of those early days were still very much apparent.